Sahale Peak

Closing out summer in the North Cascade National Park, the most underrated NP in the states in my opinion. We knew the weather wasn't in our favor for an overnight trek but embraced the trial and made it part of the experience. We sat atop the summit watching the storm brew in the distance knowing that sometime through the night it would strike. By morning we were socked into the clouds not able to see more than 20 feet out of the tent at times, so we procrastinated departing by drinking tea and listening to the wind howl. The down climb was cold, wet and windy, but we enjoyed it. We picked alpine blueberries from the bears secret stash until our teeth were purple and our fingers were frozen (mostly just my fingers because I forgot proper gloves). We saw Mr. Bear the previous day gorging himself on the hillside completely disregarding the mountain goats just a few hundred yards away with their young.